Tool to Fix AVI File Error C00D11B1

Most users were curious about why Microsoft is taking error messages in Windows Media Player too lightly, after all an average customer who spends money on their software have the right to get better service. It’s surprising to notice error messages when you try to open an AVI file on Windows Media Player. The response that Microsoft usually gives is “Windows Media Player has encountered a problem while playing a file. For assistance click web help”.

This is frustrating for an average customer, as they don’t wish to waste their time in reading all the stuff written on Microsoft forums. We have thought to take on the issues faced by Windows Media Player while playing AVI video files, one of the common issues Windows Media Player user’s is AVI file error C00D11B1, which makes it unplayable. After analyzing this issue carefully, we have got an easy way to resolve C00D11B1 error faced by Windows Media Player users while trying to play AVI files.

If you are facing similar kind of problems then you can help yourself by getting Best File Repair software. What has got our eye into this issue is, we have found more people reporting AVI file C00D11B1 error while trying to play it on Windows Media Player. People are less aware about what has caused this issue, generally these kind of issues occur when there is any codec issue that is used to compress the AVI files, as it is not properly installed. In these cases, you will have to find out and download the required codec to make the AVI files playable. But when you try to play the file, firewall might block the AVI video files, you can disable firewall to overcome this issue. However, at times none of these can help you and repeatedly you will get the same error message which means your AVI file is corrupted.

What exhibits AVI file error C00D11B1?

  • Improper closing of Windows Media Player that is playing AVI video files can cause C00D11B1 error.
  • Interruption while playing AVI video files using Windows Media Player due to power surge, this increases the possibility of AVI C00D11B1 error.
  • Despite being displayed with warning message, if you continue with shut down process, while Windows Media Player is playing AVI video file, which may result in C001D11B1 error wile try to play it for the next time.

If you are getting error messages due to any of these reasons in Windows media player then you may think of applying suggestions put forth by Microsoft, and for that to happen you will have to spend your time, but still the result may not be fruitful. As in case, if the AVI file is severely corrupted that’s why we suggest you to prefer Best File Repair application to fix AVI file C00D11B1 error.

Best File Repair application:

Best File Repair software help you to overcome C00D11B1 error faced by Windows Media Player users while trying to play AVI video files. After examining all the possible causes behind this error, experts created a sophisticated algorithm to fix corrupted AVI files.

Application has the ability to fix AVI files that are not responding in Windows Media Player, VLC media player, Quick Time player, MX player and others.

This tool can also be used to fix AVI files on SD card that are used in different devices like camcorders, mobile phones, Tablet PC’s and other gadgets

Apart from repairing AVI video files, this application can also be used to fix MOV and DivX video files that refuses to open on media players i.e. installed on your Windows and Mac computers.

The repaired AVI video file can be stored any desired storage location.

Simple steps to fix AVI file error C00D11B1:

Step 1: Get yourself with Best File Repair Software by downloading and installing it. Launch the software and browse to select the AVI file that displays error. Then click on “Repair” button to repair corrupted AVI file as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Application starts repairing your corrupt AVI file as soon as you click on “Repair” button. After finishing the repair process, you can preview the repaired AVI file by clicking on “Preview” option as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Preview Window


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